azure vmware solution

What is azure VMware solution (AVS) ?

So azure VMware solution is a product within the mircosoft azure cloud.
You are able to book this service directly over you azure portal.

With this azure solution you get an full VMware Cloud Foundation cluster.

Why and what are the advantages of having a VMware cluster within azure cloud. So that is easy to say. Cause most companies hosting their virtual machine on VMware hypervisor vSphere. A lots of companies want to use azure cloud as their prefered hyperscaler cloud vendor. With azure VMware soltuion they can combine the best of both worlds.
So with AVS you are able to use VMware clusters on premise an within the cloud in a seamless way.

VMware AVS Overviews (Ressource: VMware)

This is a overview about the azure VMware Solution combined with your onprem datacenter and AZURE native Services like (SQL, AD, Stroage, etc.)
The Azure VMware Solution is based on bare metal hardware

AVS Hardware environment is based on the AV36 Node (march 2021)
– Intel Xeon Gold 6140 CPU with 2.3GHz
– 576GB Memory
– Networking is a 25GbE dual port network interface
The storage for the whole solution is based on vSAN
– vSAN is configured with 2 disk groups
– Caching disk is a 1.6TB NVMe disk
– Capacity disks (4/DG) are 1.92TB SSD disks

The used software version (march 2021)

AVS Software Stack

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