avs & azure netapp files

A great combination of azure vmware solution and the storage solution azure netapp files.
Having a VMware cluster on azure offers a lot of new options of the combination avs together with azure native services for (storage, databases, etc.).
In this case I want to show the option to use azure netapp files together with AVS virtual machines.
So the goal is to generate volumes (SMB and NFS) on azure netapp files and map them into virtual machines running on avs.

The documentation for the azure netapp files with azure vmware soltuion can be found here:

When the configuration is completed and you created your volume on ANF it looks like this – so there are already the mount path you need for you VM´s within your virtual machines

The volumes can be directly connectd into the VM´s
(SMB + Windows)

The windows security for the SMB shares can be directly managed over MMC console. ANF can use a domain controller within AVS or a AAD (azure AD).

Windows rights screeshot – Windows 2016 Server

You are also able to use the „NetApp“ snapshot feature within you Azure NetApp Files and , you can get you previous versions within you SMB shares.

NetApp Snapshots could be created automatically or manually in the Azure Portal Interface:

Within the azure portal you can completely configure you Azure NetApp with full overview about capacity and volumes.

Screenshot – Volume Usage – Azure NetApp files portal

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