Automate AVS deployment with

Viele wollen ihre VMware Cloud Umgebungen möglichst automatisiert zu deployen.
Um auch SDDC weltweit und möglichst einfach, automatisiert zu deployen.

Hier können dann auch alle dazu nötigen Themen deployed werden wie z.B. HCX, Backup tools, in VMware notwendige VM´s und tools.

A lot of cool stuff is already done. Here some great Links:

Terraform Azure Provider Documentation

This is the short and easy code you need to deploy an SDDC on Azure !

After the deployment – most customers want to Deploy HCX on the cloud site.
For this we use an API integration.

The json file for the API looks like this:

With this we trigger the deployment of the HCX Cloud Manager.
More details and options you can find here:

In that link you can also find the code to redeem the „HCX Keys“ for the onprem HCX Cloud connector installtion.
Documentation for the HCX onPrem configuration via Terraform can be found here:

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